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The FNB Help Center is your one stop guide to the answers to your questions about our products and services and numbers you need now.

Top Customer Service Questions

How do I contact Customer Service?
How can I find a location closest to me?
How can I report my card lost or stolen after business hours?

To report a lost or stolen card after normal business hours, call 1-844-202-5333.

Can I turn my Debit Card On/Off?

You can manage your debit card with our Card On/Off feature available within your Online Banking or Mobile Banking App.

How can I stop a payment online?

Consumer Online Banking: Choose the account to place a stop payment on. Choose Stop Payment under Other Services.

Business Online Banking: Choose Additional Services from the menu, then click on Stop Payment.

I’ve forgotten my PIN. How can I get a new one?
Can I get my debit card limit raised?

To increase the daily spending limit on your Visa debit card please contact FNB Bank at 270-247-1758 during regular business hours.

When does my branch close?
Can I open an account online?
Should I notify my bank when I’m traveling?

Yes, give us a call at 270-247-1758.  You may also setup Travel Alerts when you login to Online Banking under the Secure Forms tab or under the More tab in Mobile Banking.

Are there any foreign fees for out of the country transactions?

There are two types of fees that may apply to out of the country transactions:

Conversion Fee: This type of fee means the merchant converted the US Dollars into foreign currency at the time of transaction. The conversion fee is based on .8% of the purchase amount.

Cross Border Fee: This type of fee means Visa converted the funds into US Dollars. The cross border fee is based on 1% of the purchase amount.

I have a question about my credit card. Whom should I speak to?

24-hour toll free live customer assistance is available at 800-367-7576.

Online account information is available 24/7 at www.cardaccount.net.

Where can I provide feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedback by filling out our contact form here >

What do I do if I notice fraud on my account?

Contact your local branch or call 270-247-1758 to discuss the transactions on your account.

What do I do if my identity/account has been compromised?

If you think your identity or financial accounts have been compromised, please download our Identity Theft Checklist here.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enroll for Online Banking?

Click here to enroll for Online Banking and fill out the prompted questions >

You may also request Online Banking access through your local branch. Find a location nearest you >

How do I reset my Personal Online Banking password?

Click forgot password and answer the questions as prompted. You will get an email with a temporary password and will be asked to set a new password upon login. You may also call 888-934-2536 for additional help.

Do you have a Switch Kit?

Thank you for considering FNB Bank as your banking partner. We’d love to build a relationship with you and help eliminate the hassle of switching your accounts. Everything you’ll need to make the move is provided in this easy Switch Kit.

Download our easy to use Switch Kit!Switch Kit Logo

How do I order more checks?

You may order these online or through your local branch. To order online, click here. Ordering through Deluxe online is as safe and secure as ordering them in person or over the phone. Deluxe uses a secure server for all online transactions. In addition, they have set up security checkpoints throughout the order process to further ensure the security of your transactions. How do you know you have a safe connection? Look for a closed lock icon in the address bar near the website address-any transactions made from a page with a closed padlock icon are secure.

When are we getting the EMV chip debit cards?

Beginning by early March of 2018, all newly issued FNB debit cards will be issued as EMV chip debit cards. Existing debit cards will be gradually replaced with our new chip cards over the course of this year.

Can I pay my FNB loan with a non FNB checking account online?

As of now we are not set up to accept payments from non-FNB accounts online. The payment options available are: in person at one of our convenient banking centers, by mail, or automatic draft that can be set up from FNB and non-FNB accounts. If you would like to speak with a member of our staff about opening a checking account with FNB, please contact 270-247-1758.

How can I pay my FNB loan if my checking account is not with FNB?

The payment options available are: in person at one of our convenient banking centers, by mail, or automatic draft that can be set up from FNB and non-FNB accounts. If you would like to speak with a member of our staff about opening a checking account with FNB, please contact 270-247-1758.

How can I see the breakdown of interest/principal payments on my account? Can I see how much interest I paid for the year?

To find out the interest and principal breakdown for your payments as well as the total interest paid for the year please contact us at 270-247-1758.


What browser should I be using for Business Online Banking?

We recommend using the following browsers:

Google Chrome: Supported, Tier 1

Mozilla Firefox: Supported, Tier 1


Safari 9: Supported,Tier 1

Safari 8: Unsupported

Safari 6 & 7: Unsupported

Internet Explorer

IE 11: Supported, Tier 1

IE 8, IE 9, IE 10: Unsupported

Microsoft Edge

Supported, Tier 2

How do I reset my Business Online Banking password?

The company Admin has the ability to reset user passwords or contact a Customer Service Representative at FNB Bank.

How can I add a user to my company’s Business Online Banking?

Your company Admin has a user manual with these instructions.

How do I order more company checks?

You may order these online or through your local branch. To order online, click here. Deluxe is as safe and secure as ordering them in person or over the phone and your transactions and account information are safe and completely confidential.

How do I get a Business Credit Card?

FNB has two credit card options available: Standard Card or Preferred Points. You can choose which card works for your business either in person at your local branch or online. You can find out more information on our credit cards and download a PDF application, complete the fillable application and print or save a copy by going to the Business Card Services page in our website here >

Sign and return the completed application along with any required supporting documentation to: 972-650-7054 (FAX) or banksupport@mybankersbank.com (EMAIL).


How do I start using the FNB Mobile App?

Please go to the Mobile Banking section of our web site where you will find links to download our mobile app.

Go to Mobile Banking >

Is it safe to use online banking on Wi-Fi?

Public Wi-Fi is handy, but is it too risky for online banking? One good tip is to use your cellular network instead of Wi-Fi for banking if you have a data plan. According to The Balance blog, “If you have a data plan, use your cellular network instead of Wi-Fi for banking. It’s still possible for thieves to get into those networks, but it’s not nearly as easy as hacking Wi-Fi. If you can also tether other devices or set up a mobile hotspot, do that — at least while you conduct banking business.”

Take the time to read other handy security tips here >

What are Digital Wallets?

digital wallet enables consumers to make purchases from their smartphones by acting as an electronic wallet, digitizing payment information such as credit and debit card numbers. By storing all of a consumer’s payment information securely and compactly, digital wallets largely eliminate the need to carry a physical wallet enabling payments through your mobile phone or smartwatch. Find out more about Digital Wallets >

Are Digital Wallet payments secure?

The Digital Wallet allows you to keep a digital version of your debit card on your smartphone. The Digital Wallet uses tokenization to secure transactions. Tokenization is the ability to create a number, or “token” to represent your debit card. Rather than store card data on your phone, retailers use digital tokens instead of your debit card to process payments and avoid exposing sensitive information. This token is in no way related to your debit card number after its creation.

If the token is captured the person who captures it cannot derive your card number from it. If the phone is lost or stolen, the financial institution can put a stop on the token. Also, if you have the ability to lock down your phone when it’s lost, then there is no way a thief can access your card.

Now you can shop securely without pulling out your wallet. Two Factor Authentication makes transactions even more secure (using fingerprint or PIN to start transaction).

Can I use my Digital Wallet if I remove my passcode from my smartphone?

If you remove your passcode, you won’t be able to use your Digital Wallet without adding the card again through Wallet.

Help! I’ve downloaded the mobile banking app but it’s not working.

To enroll for the FNB mobile app you must first visit our website at www.GrowWithFNB.com. Sign into your Online Banking under the mobile banking tab, accept the terms and conditions, enter your mobile number, and create your own unique username and password. Your username and password can be the same as online banking. Once you do this, use the login credentials to access the app.

How can I reset the password for my mobile app?

Sign into Online Banking and reset your password under the mobile banking tab.

Card Management


Misplaced your FNB Debit Card? No worries! Take control of your Debit Cards with our Card On/Off feature in Online Banking or from the palm of your hand with our Mobile Banking App.

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