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FNB Alert!

Scam Alert

Numerous scams are hitting our area. Customers are getting calls and texts with a message stating that their debit card has been compromised. This is not from FNB! Do not reply in any way to this call or text. Also, do not give out your online banking credentials to anyone. If you have fallen victim to any of these scams, please contact FNB immediately!

Man in field using mobile device with Digital Outpost logo

Check In At Our Digital Outpost And Get Started With Digital Banking

JANUARY 16, 2018

Do you need some hand holding when it comes to banking on your hand-held devices? Maybe it’s time you met with a Digital Guide at your local FNB Bank branch. Launched as a part of the FNB brand makeover, you can now schedule an appointment to learn more about banking on your mobile phone or computer devices. From learning more about how to make a deposit using your smartphone to getting more out of online banking, FNB’s Digital Guides are available to provide demos and answer your questions.

As FNB’s digital banking product suite grows, reach out to learn more about new products such as Digital Wallets or our new Money Manager. If you’ve never used our Text Banking, stop by today and ask us how.

Banking is now literally at your fingertips. And FNB is leading the way for you to get the most out of it. We are currently working to design special areas in our branches called Digital Outposts where you can meet with your FNB Digital Guide. Stay tuned to our Community page for more exciting developments.

To learn more about the digital banking services we provide, and to schedule an appointment with your local FNB Digital Guide, click here >

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